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Skeleton leggings

Skeleton leggings are a gothic looking pair of leggings which are black mostly and have bones of the human skeleton made on them. These skeleton leggings were first used by people to create a scary emo/gothic look for Halloween. People wore skeleton t-shirts along with skeleton leggings, both having a black base and white bones imprinted on them. They also wore masks with black base and having skulls imprinted on them. In the dark, this costume gave them a look of skeletons walking around. It was an easy yet quite trendy and scary look for the Halloween.

Later on, people also started to wear skeleton leggings in their normal everyday life and they slowly became the fashion trend. The skeleton leggings which originated as a part of a skeleton costume for Halloween had now come a long way and became a common fashion trend. The days of this gothic scary yet trendy pair of leggings were no longer restricted to the Halloween times only but people had now also started wearing these leggings in their everyday lives.

People would pair up these skeleton leggings with a plain monotone colored T-shirt or top which was preferably black in the beginning to achieve an emo or gothic look. Later on, people started experimenting with different colors as well. It was not so long when the skeleton leggings had become a very important fashion statement piece of clothing for a lot of people.

The skeleton leggings are now even paired up with multicolor or pattern printed tops and t-shirts as well as short blouses too. For an extremely trendy look, the girls started to wear these leggings with a simple white button-down shirt or blouse. In summers, these leggings were also seen being paired up with some really funky crop tops and in winters, these leggings looked beyond classy and chic when paired up with a leather jacket.

The skeleton leggings became a hit because they look extremely trendy, sexy and edgy as well as create the impression of a gothic look too. The other biggest advantage is that because they are leggings they are comfy to wear and easy to carry too and anyone can find their perfect fit quite easily. It can be said that this piece of clothing is not only super comfy but also super edgy too.

Some people were even seen wearing these leggings with casual short dresses. Later on, some shiny skeleton leather leggings were also introduced and swept the markets everywhere. The fashion designers from all over the world have played around with these fancy skeleton leggings pairing them up with different accessories and creating some really chic, trendy, hot, classy, emo, gothic and edgy looks.

It can be said now that these skeleton leggings are just as much useful piece of clothing in your wardrobe as your plain old pair of blue jeans is. These leggings also go with just about everything and are a good investment to make if you want an edgy gothic look at a cheap rate.

LulaRoe Leggings Review

Leggings! Ah! Whenever we think of them the first thing which comes to our minds is the perfect fit look they give us as well as their comfort too. LulaRoe Leggings are a product of a company which was founded in 2012. The name of the company is LulaRoe and it is a women’s fashion company established by its founder DeAnne Stidham. The company offers its customers many different clothing items including skirts, dresses, tops, etc., but, the specialty of the company, as well as its most sold and popular product in the customers and the market, is their signature LulaRoe Leggings.

LulaRoe Leggings are significantly loved by its customers due to their super comfiness, their wide range of printed and plain designs, their super flexible feel, and their good quality. On average a LulaRoe Leggings Pair costs about $25 which is a fair price to pay for what you will be getting in return for the price.

The comfiness is the first thing which is guaranteed. The LulaRoe Leggings are super soft and super cozy. They make you feel light, easy and give you that homely feeling of comfort as well. The next thing is the wide range of printed and plain designs. However, the hype is all about all the crazy funky printer patterns in which LulaRoe Leggings are available nevertheless, there are also a ton of solid plain options for the people who don’t like patterns. For the ones that do like patterns, LulaRoe has about hundreds of different printed designs ranging from geometrical shapes, flowers, cacti, pizza, Halloween themed, trendy patterns, food items, Eiffel towers, electric blue dog faces, highlighter shades and what not. You name it and LulaRoe will probably have it for you.

The next thing to look forward to in a pair of LulaRoe Leggings is its super flexibility. The fabric or material from which these leggings are made is neither too thin nor too thick. It’s thin to the point where you can feel flexible wearing it and if you wear some textured underwear beneath it, it will probably give it away. However, it is thick enough that the color of your underwear will not be visible to people but at the same time, it will not be so thick that you feel sweaty in them. These leggings are pretty airy and will probably look as if they act as an extra layer of skin to your body.

Last but not the least, the good quality of the LulaRoe leggings is absolutely one of the top reasons that these leggings are so popular among so many women. They not only fit just about anyone but also provide everyone with a satisfied and reliable feeling about the product. Whoever buys a pair of LulaRoe leggings, is always sure that they will be getting some really good quality stuff for the amount which they are paying. This brand has made its name in the women fashion world in just a few years and it is still up and running as well as satisfying millions of women around the globe.