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See through leggings

Way before the ancient times, the fashion trends are unique and unexposed. Women were wearing clothes that cover their entire body including their faces and their heads. Colorful and huge hats cover the women’s head and protect them from the heat of the sun while socializing with their neighbors. However, in parties and grand balls, they also wear hats and head covers purely for fashion purposes. Their shoulders and arms are secured with see through warm clothing and gloves. They often wear dresses and skirts and cover their legs with jeans and sorts.

In the present days, women gained confidence and started wearing the clothing that fits their preferences, to what they are comfortable to wear.  Women became independent that even their clothing is seeing through to let in some air. This may receive multiple negative feedbacks from women groups and other known people who fought for women rights but still a lot of fashion inclined individuals are wearing these types of dresses.

Celebrities most especially in America are into see through leggings for they are a liberated country, where people have all the freedom in doing things they want. Their liberty stops when the rights of other people are disturbed or affected. With this, a huge number of women are into see through leggings.

What are see through leggings?

See through leggings are types of leggings which have a stretched clothing texture. This means that the fibers in the leggings are away from each other, thus it will barely cover the skin and instead expose it. Since leggings do not really have its own shape, it follows the shape of the woman’s legs and even exposes her butt. Nicki Minaj, a singer, and a rapper is one of those celebrities who are into see through leggings. Nicki Minaj is known for her huge buttocks. If you go through her music videos like bang bang, super bass, etc, you will notice how she uses a black see through leggings that expose both her skin and her underwear.

The mindset of people nowadays is this, “If they can do it, then why can’t I?” This phrase is one of the main reasons why see through leggings are so popular today. Also, vloggers from all over the world use see through leggings to capture the attention of people, most especially men. This fashion sense started at the middle phase of the 21st century where most 90’s kids were in their teenage years. The skinny jean is replaced with leggings and slippers are replaced with shoes.

According to a famous fashion enthusiast and analyst, see through leggings and all types of leggings will be on the leash for a couple of years until it is replaced with a new fashion style. This partly means that leggings will continue to be in the market for several years.

See through leggings users exclaimed that they will ignore bashers of their clothing and continue on living the life they ever wanted, comfortable and free, thus, we can’t do anything about it but accept this type of fashion.


Christmas Leggings

Leggings, being accepted in the fashion industry, have been a breakthrough for most of the fashion business. With millions of people from all over the world accepting the newest fashion and embracing this unique sense of style, the leggings fashion went boom in the society. Countries like America, Japan, Philippines, Australia, and a lot more are slowly accepting leggings in their society. It is expected that leggings will replace denim jeans in the near future. Jeans are often hot to wear and hard to wash. Also, it is expensive to buy these jeans for it is made up of expensive materials. With the presence of leggings, which is made with lighter materials and is cheaper than jeans, jeans are deemed to go extinct if they don’t make a move.

Now, since leggings are widespread in the society, clothing industry are adapting to the changes and are inputting art in leggings. In the season of Christmas, leggings are famous in tropical countries but not on cold ones because Christmas season is winter season and wearing leggings will surely freeze you, ice cold. There is a variety of designs available on the market for Christmas leggings. These designs are often patterned in order for it to look gorgeous in the eyes of the users. Here are some designs:


The snowflakes pattern for Christmas leggings is the most elegant design ever-present on the internet. The best color combination is white and black. Companies design snowflakes appropriately and matches it with the color of the leggings. If you observe a woman wearing a snowflake designed leggings, you will be mesmerized by how true the snowflakes appear and how it seems to move when the person using it is in motion.

Dreadful Winter Night

The dreadful winter night design depicts a normal Christmas winter night where the moon is up in the sky and the lights are illuminating the city. Some designs are also trees near a lake, lighted with a beautiful full moon in the vast horizon.

Santa Reindeer

Santa has multiple reindeer but the most famous are Rudolph, the red nose reindeer. As part of the Christmas edition, leggings are printed with reindeer horns or reindeer faces that match the face of Rudolph. It is adorable to look at two Rudolph faces in the legs of a woman.


The Cane design is also an adorable Christmas leggings fashion. As we all know, the Christmas cane is red and white in color and it is striped. If you match this legging design with a red hat and a green dress, you will look like one of Santa Claus’ ladies.

Christmas tree

The Christmas tree design is one of the most colorful Christmas leggings design. It will appear as if the wearer of the leggings is a Christmas tree. Dangling colorful balls and other Christmas tree decorations are also printed in the leggings, which makes it more colorful and elegant to look at. But this design is fit for Christmas parties and not on formal ones.

Printed Leggings

As the fashion industry is a dynamic concept in the human world, it changes form as time passes by. Leggings have also undergone a lot of changes from the day it emerged in the fashion industry. Alterations that it went through are often the indication of betterment and are being acknowledged by people. On the start of legging fashion, it was made up of uncomfortable and materials which don’t allow air to pass through its fiber. Then later it, the clothing was stretched in order to let the air pass through. The first leggings started as plain black in color in order to avoid exposure of underwear. However, many women seek colorful designs, which forced the manufacturers to use darker colored materials for the leggings. Then there came the see through leggings that exposes the skin and the buttocks of the user. Leggings changed together with how independent and free women are, which is definitely good in nature.

The last observable change in the leggings industry is the printed leggings. Instead of watching at a monotonous, plain, and dull design of the leggings, manufactures included print in it. These prints are carefully opted in the fibers of the leggings to avoid wearing out of color after excessive use and laundry. After this change, the leggings are then categorized into different types. We have the Christmas leggings (which are printed with snowflake designs, ribbons, Christmas trees, reindeer, etc.), Halloween leggings (printed with skulls, pumpkins, ghost, fairies, bats, etc), Summer leggings (printed with sun figures, beach, umbrellas, shakes, juices, etc.), and a lot more above others.

However, there are these casual prints that stand out among others and can be used on daily basis. These designs are as follows:

Animal Design

One of the most famous designs is the animal printed design. Leggings are printed with animals’ skins like zebra, crocodile, snakes, and etc. The widely used design is the leopard print which has emerged in the society for a couple of years before leggings.

Doodled Design

The doodled design is a black legging printed with random stuff as if it is doodled. Those who love to look like a paper doodle will surely love this design. The print of this design is often white, which means it’s cheaper than other designs.

Checkered Leggings

Checkered leggings are similar to check shirts which have an alternating color design. It is best to match this legging with a plain shoe and shirt in order to highlight the color of the leggings.

Galaxy Leggings

The galaxy leggings feature a Milky Way design or one of the magnificent heavenly bodies. Aurora borealis designs are also available. This design often captures the attention of those people who are into astronomy.

Jean Leggings

For those people who are confused about whether to use leggings or jeans, the jean leggings are the most appropriate clothing for them. These are leggings design and printed with a jean design which makes it comfortable jeans to wear. It is like skinny jeans but more comfortable and easy to wear.