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Mermaid Leggings

This spring season has brought with itself the new wardrobe sensation, over which everyone is obsessing; the mermaid leggings! This pair of leggings is not just the latest trend but also something one enjoys wearing. If you look around, you’d see people belonging to different age groups using this pair of clothing as though it’s made for them!

This is something which is being touted by every brand this year, such is the impact it has cast on the fashion world. A product or a fashion cannot last for too long in today’s world unless it is something which holds something really special for either the comfort or facilitation of its users and clients.

So here is a list of all the factors that make this pair of mermaid leggings stand out!

            Extremely Comfortable

Comfort is what all of us look for while dressing. These pair of leggings are made in such a way that the user’s comfort has been prioritized. Using these leggings, you can run, dance, walk and exercise and you would feel lighter than ever!

These are sleek and easy to put on in nearly all seasons. This is why everyone seems to be in love with them.


Comfort alone is just not enough, exclaim the younger girls! But hey, these mermaid leggings come with a dual package, they bring comfort blended with style. These mermaid leggings not only come in a wide range of colors but also have several innovative prints that could be used in different seasons. People having different tastes can find entirely different mermaid leggings in the same shop as the variety provided by the manufacturers is huge and diverse. These mermaid leggings are sparkly and attractive and specially designed such that they attract the viewer’s eyes.

            Easy to Pair

These mermaid leggings are easy to pair with tops that you already have. You don’t need to match them with specific tops or go out and get new ones. All you have to do is to a buy a few pairs of these and they would certainly go with almost all of your wardrobe top collection. Just slide them on, pull over a tuna top and you are all set to go out! These also compliment all sorts of your shoe collection. In winters, these go with your boots and in summers these can be as casual as to be used with sandals. This is why they seem to be in stock for all four seasons of the year!



There are several brands that have released a number of different and varied designs for the mermaid leggings this season. In such a situation, it often gets difficult to choose between all of them and we must go with the ones which are the most trendy and comfortable. Some of them that have totally taken over the fashion world are the following:

  • Sparkly super-stretch Capri style leggings.
  • Shimmery mermaid leggings of nylon.
  • Mermaid lycra leggings.
  • Fairy mermaid leggings.
  • Seamless leggings of ankle length.


Fleece Leggings

If you go to a fashion expert or to a stylist-freak person, fleece leggings are something most of them will NEVER recommend. People look upon fleece leggings as a clothing item used only by lazy people. It might seem a little strange and absurd but laziness is the trait always found associated with this specific pair of leggings. But this is something which is neither true nor holds any value if you are the person who dresses for both fashion and comfort and not to follow some unknown fashionable chic mindlessly!

Fleece leggings are the same as any other regular leggings but are lined with fleece from the inside. This makes them a little less sleek but a little more comfortable. These too come in various colors primarily black. Moreover, these have different prints and can even be prepared on orders according to the demand of the customers, employing their choice of color and design. These are not as popular in the fashion world as they should be, majorly because they are new in the market and not many have tasted the comfort and coziness that they have to offer.

These leggings are often considered under-rated because of their comparatively less use. But the primary reason for that too is their limitation of weather. These are an item of dressing restricted only for winters and, due to a double lining of fabric, that too fleece, they cannot be used in extreme summers. In winters, however, they are bought not only by little girls and teenagers but also by moms and grannies! These fleece leggings are not the first thing you get attracted by when you go to the market but if you try them once, you would fall for them so hard that you would never be able to get over their warmth and comfort!

The sale of fleece leggings is maximum near the Christmas and they are of often exchanged as items of gifts too during these days. During Christmas, these are customized into various themed prints and colors so as to suit the occasion and that is where its specialty lies, warmth in the months of extreme cold!

As for the price, these are very cheap as compared to all the other types you would come across in the market. You would get three of these for the price of one of any other kind yet these once bought would turn out to be the best ones!

According to multiple fashion surveys, girls were found to be of the opinion that they never intended to buy fleece leggings ever, they rather considered them something which was made for lazy people who had no fashion sense. But most of these women had to buy a pair by chance or were gifted one and according to them, their opinion about these magical leg warming fleece leggings change in less than a couple of hours. A woman even exclaimed that once she wore them, she couldn’t take them for the entire weekend, such was their warm addiction!