We have day old Rhode Island Red Chicks, Barred Plymouth Rock Chicks and Muscovy Ducklings for sale. Chicks are $2 each and Ducklings are $4 each. We have approximately 100 chicks and 20 ducklings for sale.

They are fed an all organic diet of mixed grains – Corn, Soy and GMO Free. They are allowed to run around and eat all of the grass and bugs they want. We are confident you will enjoy them as much as we do.

Chicks will be available beginning Friday April 27th and the ducklings will be available beginning Friday May 4th.

Please contact us at 231-796-4044 if interested. We live in Big Rapids Michigan.
Thank you

If pictures are not working please go to: http://www.allstoresunited.com/chicks_and_ducks to view pictures.


Rhode Island Reds are very friendly, lay exceptionally well, are valued for their meat, and are extremely cold hardy and hardy in general.
rhode island red1.jpg

Barred Plymouth Rocks are very friendly, great layers of large brown eggs and are able to withstand cold weather quite nicely.


Muscovy Ducks are easy to care for and they control flies. They forage for most of their own food, resist disease and reproduce easily.